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Vector Makes Observability Data Simple

Vector is an open-source utility for collecting, transforming, and routing logs, metrics, and events.
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Blistering Fast

Blistering Fast

Built in Rust, Vector is blistering fast and memory efficient. It's designed to handle the most demanding environments.

Easy To Operate

Vendor Neutral

Vector does not favor any specific storage. It fosters a fair, open ecosystem with the user's best interest in mind.

Distributed or Centralized

Agent or Service

Vector aims to be the single, and only, tool needed to get data from A to B, deploying as an agent or service.

Logs or Metrics

Logs, Metrics, & Events

Vector unifies logs, metrics, and events at the source, making it collect and ship all observability data.

Programmable Transforms

Programmable Transforms

An embedded LUA engine makes it easy to program powerful transforms. Handle complex use cases without limitations.

Reliable Delivery

Clear Guarantees

Vector is clear on it's guarantees, helping you to make the appropriate trade offs for your use case.


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Disk buffer persistence𝘅𝘅
File rotate (create)
File rotate (copytruncate)𝘅𝘅𝘅𝘅
File truncation
Process (SIGHUP)𝘅𝘅𝘅
TCP Streaming𝘅𝘅𝘅𝘅
JSON (wrapped)𝘅

One solution for any deployment model

Simple To Configure


Configuration Flow

   type = 'file'
   include = ['/var/log/app*.log']
   start_at_beginning = false
   ignore_older = 3600

Define One Or More Data Sources
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   inputs = ['logs']
   type = 'tokenizer'
   field_names = ["timestamp", "level", "message"]

Parse & Transform
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   inputs = ['tokenizer']
   type = 'sampler'
   hash_field = 'request_id'
   rate = 10

Transactionally Sample
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   inputs = ['sampler']
   type = 'elasticsearch'
   host = ''

Analyze & Search
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   inputs = ['tokenizer']
   type = 's3'
   region = 'us-east-1'
   bucket = 'log-archives'
   key_prefix = 'date=%F'

Archive & Backup
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Gives You Super Powers

Gives You Super Powers

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Get started by downloading Vector and following the install instructions.


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