What are Observability Pipelines?

Datadog’s Observability Pipelines are commercial observability data pipelines for collecting, processing, and routing observability data from any source to any destination in the infrastructure that you own or manage.

Use Observability Pipelines to:

  • Manage your pipelines from a control plane. You can build or edit pipelines, whether it is to route a subset of data to a new destination or introduce a new sensitive data redaction rule, and roll out these changes to your active pipelines from the Datadog UI.
  • Monitor your pipelines to understand the health of your pipelines, identify bottlenecks and latencies, fine-tune performance, validate data delivery, and investigate your largest volume contributors.
  • Better optimize volume and control costs by enforcing quotas, store noisy logs in an archive, and more.
  • Scan for and redact sensitive data flowing through your pipelines.

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