What is Vector?

Vector is a lightweight, ultra-fast, open-source tool for building observability pipelines. Compared to Logstash and friends, Vector improves throughput by ~10X while significantly reducing CPU and memory usage.


  • Reliability First. - Built in Rust, Vector's primary design goal is reliability.
  • One Tool. All Data. - One simple tool gets your logs, metrics, and traces (coming soon) from A to B.
  • Single Responsibility. - Vector is a data router, it does not plan to become a distributed processing framework.

Who should use Vector?

  • You SHOULD use Vector to replace Logstash, Fluent*, Telegraf, Beats, or similar tools.
  • You SHOULD use Vector as a daemon or sidecar.
  • You SHOULD use Vector as a Kafka consumer/producer for observability data.
  • You SHOULD use Vector in resource constrained environments (such as devices).
  • You SHOULD NOT use Vector if you need an advanced distributed stream processing framework.
  • You SHOULD NOT use Vector to replace Kafka. Vector is designed to work with Kafka!
  • You SHOULD NOT use Vector for non-observability data such as analytics data.


  • Vector is downloaded over 100,000 times per day.
  • Vector's largest user processes over 10TB daily.
  • Vector is used by multiple fortune 500 companies with stringent production requirements.
  • Vector has over 15 active contributors and growing.
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