Global Options

In addition to sources, transforms, and sinks, Vector accepts global options that serve to configure Vector as a whole and set defaults for component options.


data_dir = "/var/lib/vector" # example, no default
dns_servers = [""] # example, no default


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The directory used for persisting Vector state, such as on-disk buffers, file checkpoints, and more. Please make sure the Vector project has write permissions to this dir. See Data Directory for more info.

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The list of DNS servers Vector will use to resolve DNS requests. When set Vector will ignore the system configuration and use only the list of DNS servers provided. If this option is not set then Vector will attempt to use the system configuration.

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How It Works

Data Directory

Vector requires adata_dir value for on-disk operations. Currently, the only operation using this directory are Vector's on-disk buffers. Buffers, by default, are memory-based, but if you switch them to disk-based you'll need to specify adata_dir.