Field Filter Transform

The Vector field_filter transform accepts and outputs log events allowing you to filter events by a log field's value.


type = "field_filter" # must be: "field_filter"
inputs = ["my-source-id"] # example
field = "file" # example
value = "/var/log/nginx.log" # example


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The target log field to compare against the value.

No default
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If the value of the specified field matches this value then the event will be permitted, otherwise it is dropped.

No default
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How It Works

Complex Comparisons

The field_filter transform is designed for simple equality filtering, it is not designed for complex comparisons. There are plans to build a filter transform that accepts more complex filtering.

We've opened issue 479 for more complex filtering.

Environment Variables

Environment variables are supported through all of Vector's configuration. Simply add ${MY_ENV_VAR} in your Vector configuration file and the variable will be replaced before being evaluated.

You can learn more in the Environment Variables section.