Unified Architecture

Collect at the edge, and then aggregate, for maximum flexibility.


The unified architecture deploys Vector an agent and aggregator. It combines the agent architecture with the aggregator architecture to create a unified observability pipeline.


This is a powerful architecture that we recommend for Vector users that have already deployed the aggregator architecture and want to bring Vector to their individual nodes.

When to Use this Architecture

We recommend this architecture for Vector users that have already deployed the aggregator architecture. This is a natural evolution that hardens your observability pipeline by:

  • Minimizing agent risk by taking over the responsibility of data delivery from your nodes.
  • Improves performance by using Vector’s native protocol via the vector source and sink.
  • Allows you to shift stateless processing to the edge for natural scalability.
  • Enables more sophisticated failover and disaster recovery strategies.


For easy setup and maintenance of this architecture, consider the Vector’s discussions or chat. These are free best effort channels. For enterprise needs, consider Datadog Observability Pipelines, which comes with enterprise-level support. Read more about that here.