Install Vector via DPKG

Vector can be installed through the DPKG package manager which is generally used on Debian and Ubuntu systems.


  • x86_64
  • ARM64
  • ARMv7
  1. Download the Vector .deb package

    • Latest (0.8.0)
    • Nightly
    curl --proto '=https' --tlsv1.2 -O
  2. Install the downloaded package

    sudo dpkg -i vector-amd64.deb
  3. Start Vector

    sudo systemctl start vector

That's it! Proceed to configure Vector for your use case.

Previous Versions

Historical Vector versions can be found in the releases. Once you've found the version you'd like to install you can re-follow the install steps with the URL to the Vector .deb file.


The Vector configuration file is placed in:


A full spec is located at /etc/vector/vector.spec.toml and examples are located in /etc/vector/examples/*. You can learn more about configuring Vector in the Configuration section.


Vector can be managed through the Systemd service manager:



sudo dpkg -r vector


Follow the install steps again, downloading the latest version of Vector.