ARMv7 and ARM64 Support on Linux

These architectures are widely used in embedded devices and servers

Vector now supports ARM architectures on the Linux platform! These architectures are widely used in embedded devices and recently started to get traction on servers. To get started, you can follow the installation instructions for your preferred method:

Fully-static without dependencies

It’s worth noting that Vector ships a fully static binary without dependencies. This makes installation as simple as copying the Vector binary onto your machine. There are no dependencies to install or environment changes required.

DPKG, RPM, and Docker support

In addition to providing archives for these architectures, we went the extra mile to ensure DPKG, RPM, and Docker support them as well.


If you’re wondering how this benefits you, here are a couple of popular use cases:

AWS performance improvements and cost savings

An interesting usecase for ARM support are the new AWS M6g, C6g, and R6g instances. These instances are based on Amazon’s ARM-based Graviton2 processors. Amazon claims they “deliver up to 40% improved price/performance over current generation M5, C5, and R5 instances”.

Raspbian, IoT, and embedded devices

ARM architectures are widely used on IoT devices. Vector is the perfect candidate for resource constrained environments like this, especially given Vector’s superior memory efficiency.

The case for Vector

If you’re using a vendor-based data collector it’s likely they lack support for the ARM architectures, especially the new ARM64 architecture. This limits your flexibility, and in the case of AWS, can have direct cost implications. Supporting these platforms, properly, is Vector’s core competency.