/ Mar 4th, 2020 /

New Encoding Options

Vector now lets you whitelist, blacklist, and format fields when events are encoded

Vector has deprecated the root-level encoding option in favor of new encoding.* sub-options:

  • encoding.only_fields - Encode only the fields listed.
  • encoding.except_fields - Encode all fields except the ones listed.
  • encoding.codec - The codec to use (ex: json).
  • encoding.timestamp_format - Customize how timestamps are serialized.

Upgrade Guide

Updrading is easy:

type = "..."
- format = "json"
+ encoding.codec = "json"
+ encoding.except_fields = ["_meta"] # optional
+ encoding.timestamp_format = "rfc3339" # optional

Get This Change

This change was made available in 0.9.0. You can get this change by downloading the latest stable release.

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