New Tag Cardinality Limit Transform

Protect downstream metric storage systems from metric tag explosion

High cardinality metric tags can severely disrupt downstream metrics storages. To protect against this we built a new tag_cardinality_limit transform.

Getting Started

Getting started is easy. Simply add this component to your pipeline:

  type = "tag_cardinality_limit"
  inputs = ["my-source-id"]
  limit_exceeded_action = "drop_tag"
  mode = "exact"
  value_limit = 500
  • The limit_exceeded_action described the behavior when the value_limit is reached.
  • The mode enables you to switch between exact and probabilistic algorithms to trade performance for memory efficiency.
  • The value limit allows you to select exactly how many unique tag values you’re willing to accept.

More to come! This feature is part of our best-in-class operator UX initiative.