Vector gracefully exits when specific sources finish

One step closer to Vector replacing awk and sed!

We heard from some folks they were using Vector as a data processor in command line scripts!

Good for you, UNIX hackers 👩‍💻!

Now, in 0.10.0, you can use Vector in standard UNIX pipelines much easier!

banana@tree:/$ echo "awk, sed the Vic" | vector --config test.toml --quiet
{"host":"tree","message":"awk, sed the Vic","source_type":"stdin","timestamp":"2020-05-04T20:43:59.522211979Z"}

Future Outlook

We’ve been exploring options for expanding vector generate to allow users to specify options from the command line. For example:

banana@tree:/$ vector generate stdin//console(encoding=json)

Once this happens, it seems inevitable we’ll add something like this eventually:

banana@tree:/$ vector eval stdin//console(encoding=json)

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