Journald Unit Filtering Exclusions

The journald source can now exclude units.

Often when you tap into the Journald source you’re only really interested in a subset of the units, previously, Vector supported this. However, sometimes you just want to exclude one or two.

Now, Vector can practice selective listening on Journald, ignoring units. Vector filters these directly at the source, offering better performance and easier use.

You can find the old units option lives at include_units now, while a new exclude_units option now exists.

Get Started

You can make the following changes in your vector.toml file:

    type = "journald" # required
    current_boot_only = true # optional, default
-    units = ["sshd", "ircd"]
+    exclude_units = ["zulip"] # optional, default
+    include_units = ["sshd", "ircd"] # optional, default