First-class Kubernetes integration

Vector officially supports Kubernetes with a first-class integration.

After eight months of development, 100 pull requests, and intensive QA in clusters producing over 30 terabytes per day, we’re pleased to announce Vector’s first-class Kubernetes integration. It is our intent for Vector to become the single, best platform for collecting and processing all Kubernetes observability data.

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Feature highlights

  1. A new kubernetes_logs source - A new source designed to handle the intricacies of Kubernetes log collection. It’ll collect all Pod logs, merge split logs together, and enrich them with k8s metadata.
  2. YAML config support - To ensure Vector fits cleanly into your existing K8s workflows, Vector now accepts YAML and JSON config formats.
  3. Adaptive Request Currency (ARC) - A new Vector feature designed to automatically optimize HTTP communication in the face of ever changing environments like Kubernetes. It does away with static rate limits and raises the performance and reliability of your entire observability infrastructure by monitoring downstream service performance.

Get Started

To get started, follow the install instructions:

Kubernetes Installation Instructions →