New metrics integrations

Collect metrics from your host, Apache, Nginx, and Mongodb.

Vector 0.11 includes new metrics sources:

  1. A new host_metrics source
  2. A new apache_metrics source
  3. A new nginx_metrics source
  4. A new mongodb_metrics source
  5. A new aws_ecs_metrics source
  6. A new internal_metrics source

And while these are only six sources, they represent a broader initiative to replace metrics agents entirely. A lot of groundwork was laid to expedite these types of integrations, so you can expect many more of them in subsequent Vector releases.

Agent fatigue, we’re coming for you

For anyone that manages observability pipelines, it’s not uncommon to deploy multiple agents on a single host (an understatement). We’ve seen setups that deploy five or more agents on a single host – using more than 30% of the CPU resources for that host! We cover this in detail in our Kubernetes announcements post. It’s a genuine and costly problem. Vector has its sights set on solving this. We want Vector to be the single agent for all of your logs, metrics, and traces.

Get Started

To get started with these sources, define them and go:

type = "host_metrics" # or apache_metrics, mongodb_metrics, or internal_metrics

# Then connect them to a sink:
type = "prometheus"
inputs = ["host_metrics"]

Tada! One agent for all of your data. Check out the docs for more details.

Switching from another metrics agent?

We’d love to chat! We’re eager to unblock the transition. If Vector is missing a metrics integration or feature, chat with us. We are working closely with a number of organizations to assist with this transition.