New AWS integrations

Export observability data out of AWS.

Getting observability data out of AWS can sometimes feel like you’re in a Rube Goldberg comic, stitching together umpteen tools and hoping it all works in the end. We want to make this easier with Vector, and 0.11 includes our initial efforts:

  1. A new aws_kinesis_firehose source
  2. A new aws_cloudwatch_logs_subscription_parser transform (Removed in v0.23.0)
  3. A new aws_s3 source
  4. A new aws_sqs sink
  5. A new aws_ecs_metrics source

Get Started

To help you get started, we wrote a guide on collecting AWS CloudWatch logs via AWS Firehose. With this setup you can send your AWS CloudWatch logs to any supported Vector sink.

We’re eager to hear what you think about these sources! Join our chat and let us know.