Deprecating Helm rawConfig option

The rawConfig option in the Vector Helm charts will be fully deprecated in an upcoming release

With the release of Vector 0.14.0, we are announcing the planned deprecation of the rawConfig option in our Helm charts. This will remove a source of complexity in our chart logic, and is a step towards using configuration provided in the values.yaml without converting them for the managed.toml config file.

Upgrade Guide

The values that were in rawConfig in TOML format now need to be moved up a level and written as YAML. Please refer to the vector.yaml on each component’s documentation page for specific configuration examples.

Below is an example of how to transition your values.yaml file:

       type: "generator"
-      rawConfig: |
-        format = "shuffle"
-        lines = ["Hello world"]
-        interval = 60 # once a minute
+      format: "shuffle"
+      lines: ["Hello world"]
+      interval: 60 # once a minute

       type: "console"
       inputs: ["dummy"]
-      rawConfig: |
-        target = "stdout"
-        encoding.codec = "json"
+      target: "stdout"
+      encoding.codec: "json"