wasm transform to be removed from Vector

Removing experimental WASM support from Vector

In v0.10.0 we released experimental WASM support via the wasm transform to allow transforms to be written in Rust. While this idea shows promise for extensions in Vector, we have not been able to invest the time into it to make it a first-class feature of Vector and so are removing it until such time. We may revisit adding this back in the future,

This component is deprecated as of v0.16.0 and will be removed in v0.17.0.

The primary purpose of this is removal to reduce maintenance burden and avoid pushing users to use a transform for extensions that has a poor user experience and poor performance.

In its place, the lua transform can be used to accomplish most custom tasks the wasm transform would have been used for.

Are you currently using the wasm transform? We would like to hear about your use-cases to ensure we accommodate them through other Vector features. Please leave a comment on this GitHub issue.