A new home for Vector’s Helm charts

Vector’s new home for helm charts is at!

We made this change as part of migrating the helm charts from our old AWS S3 bucket hosting to GitHub Pages via vectordotdev/helm-charts. This new domain will also allow us to swap hosting in the future without any user impact.

Vector’s 0.16.x release will be the last version that publishes charts to both and repositories.

The new repository contains all released charts from the previous latest repository. Moving forward we will be releasing charts at their own pace as we work towards the stable releases for the vector-agent and vector-aggregator charts.

Development and issue tracking will be migrated to in the coming days.

Upgrade Guide

The new repository can be added with:

helm repo add vector
helm repo update

Once added the vector-agent chart can be installed with:

helm install vector vector/vector-agent \
  --namespace vector \
  --create-namespace \

Or upgraded with:

helm upgrade vector vector/vector-agent \
  --namespace vector \