0.17 Upgrade Guide

An upgrade guide that addresses breaking changes in 0.17.0

Vector’s 0.17.0 release includes five breaking changes:

  1. Blackhole sink configuration changes
  2. Datadog Logs sink loses batch.max_bytes setting
  3. Vector now logs to stderr
  4. The generator source now has a default interval setting
  5. The deprecated wasm transform was removed

We cover them below to help you upgrade quickly:

Upgrade guide

Blackhole sink configuration changes

We’ve updated the blackhole sink to print its statistics summary on an interval, rather than after a specific number of events. This provides a consistent reporting experience regardless of the number of events coming into the sink, including when no events are coming in.

The configuration field print_amount has been removed, and replaced with print_interval_secs. Additionally, print_interval_secs defaults to 1 second, which has the additional benefit of providing a very basic “events per second” indicator out-of-the-box.

Datadog Logs sink loses batch.max_bytes setting

We’ve updated the Datadog Logs sink to conform more tightly to the Datadog Logs API’s constraints, one of which is a maximum payload size. The recommendation of that API is to send payloads as close to but not over 5MB in an uncompressed, serialized form. The sink will now always try to send 5MB payloads, consistent with your timeout settings.

Users that have previously set batch.max_bytes may now safely remove the value. If it is left the setting will have no effect.

Vector now logs to stderr

Previously, Vector used to log all output to stdout, but this made it difficult to use the output of the console sink, which also writes to stdout by default. Following some discussion in #1714 we decided to modify Vector to, instead, log to stderr so that stdout can be processed separately.

If you were previously depending on Vector’s logs appearing in stdout, you should now look for them in stderr.

The generator source now has a default interval setting

Previously, the generator source had no default interval, which meant that if you started Vector without setting an interval, the generator would output batches of test events as fast as it can. In version 0.17.0, the default for interval is now 1.0, which means that Vector outputs one batch per second. To specify no delay between batches you now need to explicit set interval to 0.0.

The deprecated wasm transform was removed

The wasm transform was deprecated in v0.16.0 and has been removed in this release.

In its place, we recommend using the remap and lua transforms.

Note, we may revisit adding WASM support to Vector for custom plugins in the future. If you have a use-case, please add it to the Github issue.