kube for kubernetes_logs

The kubernetes_logs source is now powered by the kube-rs library

Our kubernetes_logs source has been updated to use kube-rs as the foundations of our integration. kube-rs is a CNCF Sandbox Project and has served as the basis of a number of applications that work with the Kubernetes API. We made this change to improve the reliability and stability of our kubernetes_logs source and to ensure our compatibility with the Kubernetes API as it evolves.

There are two user facing changes for this update: the list verb permission is now required for Vector’s ClusterRole within the Kubernetes cluster, and the proxy options are no longer used for the client.

The vector Helm chart has been updated to include this new verb as of 0.7.0, and the Kustomize based manifests in the vector repo have been updated as part of the 0.21.0 release. If you are managing your own manifests separately you need to ensure the ClusterRole used by Vector includes both the list and watch verbs for pods and namespaces.

A custom kubeconfig should now be provided to leverage any internal proxy you use to interact with the Kubernetes API, rather than the proxy option previously available to this source.