New native and native_json codecs

We have added new experimental native and native_json codecs that allow users to provide Vector with data directly in its native format. This allows simpler, more efficient configuration of some often-requested use cases.

Sending metrics to generic sources

Generic event sources like the http source or exec source can now directly receive metrics rather than needing to pass them through a log_to_metric transform.

For example, an exec source can now be configured to receive events via the native_json codec:

type = "exec"
mode = "scheduled"
command = ["./"]
decoding.codec = "native_json"

If contained:

#!/usr/bin/env bash

echo $RANDOM | jq --raw-input --compact-output \
  metric: {
    name: "my_metric",
    counter: {
      value: .|tonumber
    kind: "incremental",

Vector would read in counters with random values.

Logs are just simple JSON objects, but it is typical to include a message and a timestamp key like:

  "log": {
    "message": "hello world",
    "timestamp": "2019-10-12T07:20:50.52Z"

The specific JSON schema here is subject to change, but you can find an initial schema here. The protobuf schema for the native codec is the same used in the vector source and sink, and the definition can be found here.

We will be providing more thorough guidance for using each as the feature matures. One current limitation of the JSON-based native codec is that timestamp fields within log messages will be converted to strings. This is partially due to limitations with JSON itself, but we are exploring workarounds.

Sending events between Vector instances

Another example use case is Vector-to-Vector communication via a transport other than our existing gRPC-based vector source and sink. Using the native encoding on a source/sink pair like kafka will utilize the same Protocol Buffers-based encoding scheme, providing compact binary messages that deserialize directly to the same native representation within Vector.

Example source configuration:

type = "kafka"
bootstrap_servers = "localhost:9092"
topics = ["vector"]
decoding.codec = "native"

This would allow an instance of Vector to receive events from another Vector instance that has a kafka sink configured like:

type = "kafka"
inputs = ["..."]
bootstrap_servers = "localhost:9092"
topic = "vector"
encoding.codec = "native"

Note that the new native encoding option is not yet documented on sinks as we are waiting until it is fully rolled out to document and announce the feature; however, is available on kafka and some other sinks.