Vector v0.11.1 Release Notes

Dec 17th, 2020 /

The Vector team is pleased to release 0.11.1. This is a initial dev release. Checkout the Highlights, Changelog, and What's Next section for more detail.


  • 2 Enhancements

    • networkingSet Accept-Encoding to identity for HTTP client

    • topologyReuse buffers

  • 7 Bug Fixes

    • prometheus sinkChange logs level on request

    • elasticsearch sinkSet content encoding header when compression is on

    • testsInclude config format test only with required features

    • setupAdd support for detecting glibc version to installer script

    • coercer transformFix wrong log level

    • vector sinkRemove duplicated event

    • docker_logs sourceUpdate hyper to work around the docker EOF errors

What's Next

The Vector roadmap is publicly available and represents forward looking progress. Vector is open-source and community driven. Your feedback is welcome!

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