Vector v0.12.1 Release Notes

Mar 12th, 2021 /

This release contains a few fast follow bug fixes from the 0.12.0 release, primarily centered around the recently released Vector Remap Language based on user feedback.


  • 4 Enhancements

    • remapImprove the way values are assigned in remap for fallible expressions

    • remapImprove the nginx log parsing ergonomics in remap

    • remapDo not mutate the event if the remap script fails

    • remap transformRename and document `drop_on_error` remap config option

  • 3 Bug Fixes

    • configFix exmalpe config to be runnable

    • remapFix description of error code 103

    • prometheus_exporter sinkEnsure that metric timestamps are updated when values are updated

What's Next

The Vector roadmap is publicly available and represents forward looking progress. Vector is open-source and community driven. Your feedback is welcome!

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