Vector v0.12.2 Release Notes

Mar 30th, 2021 /

This release includes a few critical bug fixes and a an update to OpenSSL to 1.1.1k resolve CVE-2021-3450 and CVE-2021-3449.


  • 8 Bug Fixes

    • remapRemap function `to_timestamp` panics on an out of range integer

    • config`vector validate` checks healthchecks again

    • prometheus_scrape sourceParse timestamps from scraped prometheus metrics

    • remapFix VRL CLI segfault

    • prometheus_remote_write sinkDefault timestamp to now rather than 0

    • depsUpgrade OpenSSL to 1.1.1k

    • remapParse µs durations with `parse_duration`

    • route transformConfigs using route transform are able to be reloaded now

What's Next

The Vector roadmap is publicly available and represents forward looking progress. Vector is open-source and community driven. Your feedback is welcome!

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