Vector v0.16.0 release notes

Note: this release contains a regression for disk buffers. If you are using disk buffers, please install 0.16.1 instead.

The Vector team is pleased to announce version 0.16.0!

Be sure to check out the upgrade guide for breaking changes in this release.

This release includes:

It also contains a number of additional enhancements and bug fixes. Check out the highlights and changelog for more details.

Upgrading Vector
When upgrading, we recommend stepping through minor versions as these can each contain breaking changes while Vector is pre-1.0. These breaking changes are noted in their respective upgrade guides.


42 enhancements

external docs add batch.max_bytes in loki sink 8318 dnstap source integration tests Make sure ITs are independent of container 8347 unit tests Improve diagnostics for unit tests 8166 journald source Add support for journal_files_dir option 8319 dnstap source integration tests Make sure ITs are independent of container 8347 unit tests Improve diagnostics for unit tests 8166 lua transform Switch from rlua to mlua 8055 internal_metrics source Add pid as tag 8387 search website Add page tags to search index 8261 observability Name vector worker threads 8389 performance batch events out metric in Pipeline 8383 vrl Add datadog_match_query; replace filter strategy 8370 internal_logs source Add host and pid fields 8388 external docs Provide per-component config examples 8274 internal_metrics source Allow disabling of the host/pid keys 8444 template website Scrub SVGs using SVG OMG 8443 internal_logs source Allow host_key and pid_key to be configured 8440 kubernetes_logs source New namespace_metadata_annotator 8287 vrl Add parse_user_agent function 8262 windows platform add --stop-timeout command-line argument for restart service sub-command 8523 helm platform extra args for vector container 8556 external docs Add component description to component template 8533 css website Update documentation aesthetic 8416 external docs Add nested config examples 8587 sinks Add support for acknowledgements to more HTTP and batch sinks 8426 internal docs Provide more extensive metadocs for 8585 aws_sqs sink Add message_deduplication_id support 8607 helm platform Add DNS Policy and Config, Liveness and Readiness probes. 8633 helm platform Allow creation of Secret resources from Helm charts 8638 external docs Provide links to VRL examples 8697 aws_s3 sink emit processed bytes when sending requests 8692 external docs Provide links to VRL error examples 8698 observability Report more ARC metrics 8721 vector source vector sink prepare for v2 release 8401 remap transform allow providing path to VRL program 8659 observability Custom internal_metrics namespace 8759 loki sink Validate label names 8729 enriching added enrichment_tables section to the config 8524 vrl Add enrichment tables to VRL 8660 enriching added file enrichment table 8730 loki sink Partition HTTP requests to loki by stream & re-enable concurrency 8615 topology Remove ComponentId.value 8808

9 new features

host_metrics source Add disk_used_ratio to host metrics 8317 networking HTTP proxy support 8205 new transform new compound transform 8457 new source Initial NATS source 8112 splunk source Support multiple tokens in splunk_hec source 7552 vrl Support DataDog grok parser - parsing DD grok patterns 8736 pipelines add ComponentId struct 8706 observability Datadog observability for Vector pipelines 8791 external docs Helm chart docs updates - reorging and adding Aggregator docs 8824

24 bug fixes

ci Remove Netlify warning about Brewfile 8299 helm platform Fix settings metricRelabelings in Helm chart 8360 docker_logs source Fix retry_backoff_secs 8179 helm platform Fix settings metricRelabelings in Helm chart 8360 docker_logs source Fix retry_backoff_secs 8179 datadog_agent source Fix field naming for agent payloads 8441 vrl parse_xml - handle single element nodes 8451 search website Display title in all search result hierarchies 8465 template website Fix log output template 8514 buffers Actually read 100 events at a time 8541 processing Fix handling ipv6 support for apache error regex client part 8565 vrl update type_def after del 8434 lua transform Adjust memory use metric to be more clear 8622 encoding Ensure that keys for empty collections are not returned by only_fields 8645 loki sink On 404 query top level for healthcheck 8680 observability Do not emit events_in_total with 0 8718 css website Homepage Mobile Adjustments 8760 css website Code block formatting 8786 kubernetes_logs source Fix regex parsing errors 8627 vector sink retry on failed connection 8758 file source Read empty lines 8366 observability add back component_name label 8843 css website Typography Fixes 8860 config config merge also merges proxy 8869

What’s next

Enabling Adaptive Concurrency Control by default

We released Adaptive Concurrency Control in version 0.11.0 of Vector, but, up until now, this feature has been opt-in. We’ve been collecting user feedback, making enhancements, and expect to enable this feature as the default in 0.17.0. Users will still be able to configure static concurrency controls as they do now.

This was previously scheduled for 0.16.0 but we wanted to allow more time for testing the feature.

Kubernetes aggregator role

We are hard at work at expanding the ability to run Vector as an aggregator in Kubernetes. This will allow you to build end-to-end observability pipelines in Kubernetes with Vector. Distributing processing on the edge, centralizing it with an aggregator, or both. If you are interested in beta testing, please join our chat and let us know.

We do expect this to be released in 0.17.0.

Download Version 0.16.0

Linux (deb)
Linux (rpm)
Windows (MSI)