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Vector v0.27.1 release notes

This patch release contains a few fixes for regressions in 0.27.1.

Note: Please see the release notes for v0.27.0 for additional changes if upgrading from v0.26.X. In particular, the upgrade guide for breaking changes.

Upgrading Vector
When upgrading, we recommend stepping through minor versions as these can each contain breaking changes while Vector is pre-1.0. These breaking changes are noted in their respective upgrade guides.


3 bug fixes

  • Vector again correctly tags the component_events_in_total and component_events_out_total internal metrics emitted by sources with their component tags. This fixes reporting by vector top. This was a regression in 0.27.0.
  • Vector again allows for nested paths to be used in log_schema configuration. There was a regression in 0.26.0 that treated them as flat paths.
  • Vector’s OpenSSL dependency was upgraded to 1.1.1t to resolve CVE-2023-0215.

Download Version 0.27.1

Linux (deb)
Linux (rpm)
Windows (MSI)