Vector v0.28.2 release notes

This patch release contains a few fixes for regressions in 0.28.0 and 0.27.0.

Note: Please see the release notes for v0.28.0 for additional changes if upgrading from v0.27.X. In particular, the upgrade guide for breaking changes.

Upgrading Vector
When upgrading, we recommend stepping through minor versions as these can each contain breaking changes while Vector is pre-1.0. These breaking changes are noted in their respective upgrade guides.


5 bug fixes

  • TCP-based sources like socket, logstash, and fluent would sometimes panic when back-pressure logic calculated a lower limit on the number of incoming connections than 2, which is intended to be the minimum limit. Thanks to zamazan4ik for contributing this change!
  • The http_server source again has the correct default accept method of POST rather than GET.
  • The elasticsearch sink no longer panics when bulk.index is unspecified and the default mode of bulk is used. Instead it defaults again to vector-%Y.%m.%d. Thanks to zamazan4ik for contributing this change!
  • The syslog source again correctly inserts the source IP of the connection that events come in on as source_ip rather than source_id. Thanks to zamazan4ik for contributing this change!
  • The log_schema.timestamp_key can again be set to "" to suppress adding of a timestamp to events rather than panicking when starting.

Download Version 0.28.2

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