Vector v0.30.0 release notes

The Vector team is pleased to announce version 0.30.0!

In addition to the usual smaller enhancements and bug fixes, this release also includes a refresh of the component statuses in the docs following the stability guarantees.

Be sure to check out the upgrade guide for breaking changes in this release.

Upgrading Vector
When upgrading, we recommend stepping through minor versions as these can each contain breaking changes while Vector is pre-1.0. These breaking changes are noted in their respective upgrade guides.


0.30 Upgrade Guide

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10 enhancements

  • The pulsar sink supports a few new features:

    • Dynamic topics using a topic template
    • Can receive both logs and metrics
    • Dynamic message properties can be set via properties_key

    This brings functionality in-line with that which is supported by the kafka sink.

    Thanks to addisonj for contributing this change!
  • The kubernetes_logs source supports a new use_apiserver_cache option to have requests from Vector hit the Kubernetes API server cache rather than always hitting etcd. It can significantly reduce Kubernetes control plane memory pressure in exchange for a chance of receiving stale data. Thanks to nabokihms for contributing this change!
  • The appsignal sink now allows configuration of TLS options via the tls config field. This brings it in-line with other sinks that support TLS. Thanks to tombruijn for contributing this change!
  • The amqp sink now allows configuration of the content_encoding and content_type message properties via the new properties configuration option. Thanks to arouene for contributing this change!
  • The docker_logs source now supports usage of the tcp:// scheme for the host option. The connection is the same as-if the http:// scheme was used. Thanks to OrangeFlag for contributing this change!
  • Vector’s distroless libc docker images (tags ending in -distroless-libc) are now based on Debian 11 rather than Debian 10. This matches Vector’s published Debian images (tags ending in -debian). Thanks to SIPR-octo for contributing this change!
  • The aws_s3 source and aws_s3 sink now have full support for codecs and can receive/send any event type allowing aws_s3 to be used as a transport layer between Vector instances.
  • The tag_cardinality_limit now includes the metric_name field on logs it produces to more easily identify the metric that was limited. Thanks to nomonamo for contributing this change!
  • HTTP-based sinks now log the underlying error if an unexpected error condition is hit. This makes debugging easier.
  • AWS components now allow configuring auth.region without any of the other authentication options so that a different region can be given to the default authentication provider chain than the region that the component is otherwise connecting to.

7 bug fixes

  • Disk buffers now recover from partial writes that can occur during unclean shutdowns.
  • The influxdb_logs sink now correctly encodes logs when tags are present. Thanks to juvenn for contributing this change!
  • The loki sink now warns when added labels collide via wildcard expansion. Thanks to hargut for contributing this change!
  • The elasticsearch sink now uses the correct API to automatically determine the version of the downstream Elasticsearch instance (when api_version = "auto"). Thanks to syedriko for contributing this change!
  • The gcp_stackdriver_metrics sink now correctly refreshes the authentication token before it expires.
  • Vector’s internal logs were updated to use “suppress” rather than “rate-limit” in the hopes that it makes it clearer that it is only Vector’s log output that is being suppressed, rather than data processing being throttled.
  • The kafka source now attempts to send any pending acknowledgements to the Kafka server before reading additional messages to process.

Download Version 0.30.0

Linux (deb)
Linux (rpm)
Windows (MSI)