Vector v0.4.0 release notes

Code name Hello World Again

Upgrading Vector
When upgrading, we recommend stepping through minor versions as these can each contain breaking changes while Vector is pre-1.0. These breaking changes are noted in their respective upgrade guides.


45 enhancements

file source favor older files and allow configuring greedier reads 810 journald source Add checkpointing support 816 file source allow aggregating multiple lines into one event 809 http sink Add support for unverified HTTPS 815 file source make fingerprinting strategy configurable 780 tcp sink Add support for TLS 765 lua transform Add tags support to log_to_metric transform 786 prometheus sink add namespace config 782 prometheus sink add labels support 773 elasticsearch sink Add support for custom query parameters 766 metric data model add tags into metrics model 754 aws_cloudwatch_logs sink Add dynamic group creation 759 elasticsearch sink Add support for additional headers to the Elasticsearch sink 758 prometheus sink Support sets 733 elasticsearch sink Add HTTP Basic authorization 749 config Validation of sinks and sources for non-emptiness. 739 topology Add sink healthcheck disable 731 metric data model add timestamps into metrics 726 prometheus sink Support histograms 675 file source fall back to global data_dir option (#644) 673 elasticsearch sink use templates for ES index and S3 key prefix 686 aws_kinesis_streams sink Add configurable partition keys 692 observability Add rate limit notice when it starts 696 operations Build for x86_64-unknown-linux-musl with all features and optimized binary size 689 elasticsearch sink Default doc_type to _doc and make it op… 695 aws_cloudwatch_logs sink Add retry ability to cloudwatch 663 log_to_metric transform use templates for metric names in log_to_metric 668 config reusable templating system for event values 656 log_to_metric transform push Histogram and Set metrics from logs 650 operations Add jemallocator feature flag 653 console sink accept both logs and metrics 631 grok_parser transform add type coercion 632 config Improve configuration validation and make it more strict 552 file source Add File checkpoint feature. 609 aws_cloudwatch_logs sink Add cloudwatch partitioning and refactor partition buffer 519 cli Add --color option and tty check for ansi colors 623 regex_parser transform Log when regex does not match 618 aws_s3 sink Add filename extension option and fix trailing slash 596 observability Initial rate limit subscriber 494 tokenizer transform Convert “-” into “nil” 580 metric data model Use floats for metrics values 553 log_to_metric transform output multiple metrics from a single log topology adjust transform trait for multiple output events file source log a single warning when ignoring small files 863 config default config path “/etc/vector/vector.toml” 900

12 new features

new transform New add_tags transform 785 new transform New remove_tags transform 785 new sink New file sink 688 new source Initial journald source implementation 702 new source Add new kafka source 774 new sink Initial clickhouse sink implementation 693 new sink Initial aws_cloudwatch_metrics sink implementation 707 new source Initial udp source implementation 738 new transform add coercer transform 666 syslog source add all parsed syslog fields to event 836 elasticsearch sink Support AWS authentication 864 new transform add split transform 850

14 bug fixes

elasticsearch sink Make the headers and query tables optional. 831 operations Fix docker nightly builds 830 aws_cloudwatch_logs sink encoding = "text" overrides 803 operations Use GNU ld instead of LLVM lld for x86_64-unknown-linux-musl 794 prometheus sink Update Metric::Set usage 756 config reload with unparsable config 752 topology It is now possible to reload a with a non-overlap… 681 log data model don’t serialize MapValue::Null as a string 725 security RUSTSEC-2019-0011 by updating crossbeam-epoch 723 log data model unflatten event before outputting 678 networking Retry requests on timeouts 691 aws_s3 sink retry HttpDispatch errors for s3 and kinesis 651 add_fields transform rename config tag 902 operations Use OpenSSL instead of LibreSSL for x86_64-unknown-linux-musl 904

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