Vector v0.6.0 Release Notes

Released by Ben,
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We're excited to release Vector v0.6.0! Vector follows semantic versioning, and this is an initial dev release. This release brings 14 new features, 27 enhancements, 29 bug fixes, 1 perf improvement. Checkout the highlights for notable features and, as always, let us know what you think!

Breaking Changes

The `file` and `console` sinks now require `encoding`

The `file` and `console` sinks now require an explicit `encoding` option. The previous implicit nature was confusing and this should eliminate any suprises related to the output encoding format. Migration is easy:

   type = "console"
+  encoding = "json" # or "text"

   type = "file"
+  encoding = "json" # or "text"

The `datadog` sink has been renamed to `datadog_metrics`

The `datadog` sink was incorrectly named since we'll be adding future support for DataDog logs. Migrating is as simple as renaming your sink:

-  type = "datadog"
+  type = "datadog_metrics"


14 New Features

cli Add `validate` sub command

cli Add `list` subcommand

cli Add `generate` subcommand

cli Add `test` sub-command

file source Detect and read gzipped files

networking Custom DNS resolution

new platform Support `armv7-unknown-linux` (Raspberry Pi, etc) platforms

new platform Support `aarch64-unknown-linux` (ARM64, Raspberry Pi, etc) platforms

new platform Support `x86_64-pc-windows-msvc` (Windows 7+) platform

new sink Initial `datadog_metrics` implementation

new sink Initial `new_relic_logs` sink implementation

new source Initial `splunk_hec` source implementation

new transform Initial `ansi_stripper` transform implementation

new transform Initial `geoip` transform implementation

27 Enhancements

blackhole sink Accept metric events, too

cli Show Git version and target triple in `vector --version` output

cli Allow >1 config targets for validate command

cli Test & validate subcommands without args target default path

config Refactor the batching configuration

config Support default environment variable values

config Refactor the sinks' request_* configuration

datadog_metrics sink Use metric buffer in Datadog sink

datadog_metrics sink Send aggregated distributions to Datadog

docker source Enrich events with metadata

elasticsearch sink Wrap provider call with a tokio runtime

file sink Automatically create missing directories

grok_parser transform Update grok to version 1.0.1

http sink Add JSON encoding option

json_parser transform Add support for target field configuration

kafka source Add `commit_interval_ms` option

lua transform Allow iteration over fields

metric data model Metrics buffer & aggregation

breaking 1217

metric data model Reorganise metric model

networking Add support for systemd socket activation

observability Ensure internal rate limiting is logged

operations Add `clean` target to Makefile

platforms Update leveldb-sys up to 2.0.5

platforms Use vendored OpenSSL

platforms Make `openssl/vendored` feature optional

platforms Update `openssl` dependency

regex_parser transform Set default `drop_field` to true

29 Bug Fixes

aws_cloudwatch_metrics sink Fix metrics batch strategy in sinks

cli Make global options actually use default

breaking 1033

config Require `encoding` option for console and file sinks

breaking 1314

datadog_metrics sink Rename `datadog` sink to `datadog_metrics`

docker platform Add ca certificates for docker image

elasticsearch sink Flatten out region configuration in elasticsearch sink

elasticsearch sink Stop accidentally requiring region for ES

elasticsearch sink `host` is not required when provider is AWS

file source Sleep to avoid split reads

grok_parser transform Don't drop parsed field

grok_parser transform Add missing rate limited log

journald source Fix a couple minor issues with checkpointing

journald source Rework option to limit records to current boot in journald source

journald source Cursor/checkpoint fixes

journald source Limit journald records to the current boot

journald source Flush and reset any current filter before applying new filter

journald source Re-fix journald cursor handling and libsystemd name

json_parser transform Fixes a bug droping parsed field

observability Improve topology tracing spans

operations Remove extra `setup_remote_docker` step from `relase-docker`

operations Fix S3 release verification

operations Upgrade Docker on the step in which it is used

operations Run `package-rpm*` jobs explicitly

operations Put `etc` directory only to Linux archives

platforms Don't put *.erb files to configs directory

statsd sink Fix statsd binding to loopback only

stdin source Resolve inability to shutdown Vector when std…

testing Increase wait timeouts in tests which otherwise fail on slow CPUs

testing Remove sleeps from topology tests

1 Perf Improvement

metric data model Performance optimisations in metric buffer

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