Vector v0.6.0 Release Notes

The Long Stretch
Dec 12th, 2019 /

The Vector team is pleased to release 0.6.0. This is a initial dev release. Checkout the Highlights, Changelog, and What's Next section for more detail.



  • 27 Enhancements

    • kafka sourceAdd `commit_interval_ms` option

    • platformsUpdate leveldb-sys up to 2.0.5

    • networkingAdd support for systemd socket activation

    • regex_parser transformSet default `drop_field` to true

    • metric data modelMetrics buffer & aggregation

    • datadog_metrics sinkUse metric buffer in Datadog sink

    • elasticsearch sinkWrap provider call with a tokio runtime

    • lua transformAllow iteration over fields

    • grok_parser transformUpdate grok to version 1.0.1

    • file sinkAutomatically create missing directories

    • cliShow Git version and target triple in `vector --version` output

    • observabilityEnsure internal rate limiting is logged

    • configRefactor the batching configuration

    • platformsUse vendored OpenSSL

    • operationsAdd `clean` target to Makefile

    • json_parser transformAdd support for target field configuration

    • configSupport default environment variable values

    • cliAllow >1 config targets for validate command

    • platformsMake `openssl/vendored` feature optional

    • blackhole sinkAccept metric events, too

    • platformsUpdate `openssl` dependency

    • http sinkAdd JSON encoding option

    • metric data modelReorganise metric model

    • docker sourceEnrich events with metadata

    • configRefactor the sinks' request_* configuration

    • datadog_metrics sinkSend aggregated distributions to Datadog

    • cliTest & validate subcommands without args target default path

  • 14 New Features

    • new sinkInitial `datadog_metrics` implementation

    • cliAdd `validate` sub command

    • cliAdd `list` subcommand

    • cliAdd `generate` subcommand

    • new platformSupport `armv7-unknown-linux` (Raspberry Pi, etc) platforms

    • new platformSupport `aarch64-unknown-linux` (ARM64, Raspberry Pi, etc) platforms

    • new transformInitial `ansi_stripper` transform implementation

    • new transformInitial `geoip` transform implementation

    • new platformSupport `x86_64-pc-windows-msvc` (Windows 7+) platform

    • cliAdd `test` sub-command

    • networkingCustom DNS resolution

    • new sinkInitial `new_relic_logs` sink implementation

    • new sourceInitial `splunk_hec` source implementation

    • file sourceDetect and read gzipped files

  • 29 Bug Fixes

    • cliMake global options actually use default

    • docker platformAdd ca certificates for docker image

    • stdin sourceResolve inability to shutdown Vector when std…

    • configRequire `encoding` option for console and file sinks

    • journald sourceFix a couple minor issues with checkpointing

    • journald sourceRework option to limit records to current boot in journald source

    • journald sourceCursor/checkpoint fixes

    • elasticsearch sinkFlatten out region configuration in elasticsearch sink

    • observabilityImprove topology tracing spans

    • journald sourceLimit journald records to the current boot

    • journald sourceFlush and reset any current filter before applying new filter

    • aws_cloudwatch_metrics sinkFix metrics batch strategy in sinks

    • elasticsearch sinkStop accidentally requiring region for ES

    • json_parser transformFixes a bug droping parsed field

    • elasticsearch sink`host` is not required when provider is AWS

    • grok_parser transformDon't drop parsed field

    • testingIncrease wait timeouts in tests which otherwise fail on slow CPUs

    • journald sourceRe-fix journald cursor handling and libsystemd name

    • platformsDon't put *.erb files to configs directory

    • file sourceSleep to avoid split reads

    • operationsRemove extra `setup_remote_docker` step from `relase-docker`

    • operationsFix S3 release verification

    • operationsUpgrade Docker on the step in which it is used

    • operationsRun `package-rpm*` jobs explicitly

    • datadog_metrics sinkRename `datadog` sink to `datadog_metrics`

    • statsd sinkFix statsd binding to loopback only

    • grok_parser transformAdd missing rate limited log

    • testingRemove sleeps from topology tests

    • operationsPut `etc` directory only to Linux archives

  • 1 Perf Improvement

    • metric data modelPerformance optimisations in metric buffer

What's Next

The Vector roadmap is publicly available and represents forward looking progress. Vector is open-source and community driven. Your feedback is welcome!

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