Vector v0.7.0 release notes

Code name The Great Omelet

Upgrading Vector
When upgrading, we recommend stepping through minor versions as these can each contain breaking changes while Vector is pre-1.0. These breaking changes are noted in their respective upgrade guides.


Rename existing tcp sink to socket sink

type: breaking change domain: sinks sink: tcp
Sink options have been refactored

type: breaking change domain: buffers domain: config domain: sinks
The splunk_hec sink does not index fields by default

type: breaking change domain: sinks sink: splunk_hec
Use comma delim server list in kafka sink

type: breaking change domain: sinks sink: kafka
Rename line field to message in splunk_hec source

type: breaking change domain: sources source: splunk_hec
New Prometheus Source

type: new feature domain: sources source: prometheus


10 enhancements

cli Handle interruptions on Windows 1219 datadog_metrics sink Send min for distributions 1422 kubernetes source Parse additional metadata 1249 splunk_hec source Provide timestamp 1458 docker source Add additional container filters 1324 docker source Use shiplift’s since for filtering logs 1513 networking Use fibonacci instead of fixed backoff 1006 splunk_hec source Rename line field to message 1457 splunk_hec sink Add a new option for specifying indexed fields to splunk_hec sink 1537 aws_cloudwatch_logs sink add assume_role 1554

13 new features

new source Initial kubernetes source implementation 893 new transform Initial concat transform implementation 1271 new transform Initial aws_ec2_metadata transform implementation 1325 networking Add custom DNS option 1362 new sink Initial gcp_pubsub sink implementation 1308 new sink Initial aws_kinesis_firehose sink 1388 new sink Move existing ‘tcp’ sink into ‘socket’ sink. 1404 new source Merge existing ‘tcp’ and ‘udp’ sources into a single ‘socket’ source 1485 new source Initial prometheus source implementation 1264 socket source Add unix domain socket support to the ‘socket` source 1489 journald source Switch from libsystemd to piping journalctl 1526 new transform Initial logfmt_parser transform impl 1541 new source Initial logplex source implementation 1540

12 bug fixes

operations Fix release-github job 1359 regex_parser transform make truncation utf8-aware 1361 website Fix performance comparison link 1369 splunk_hec sink Stop testing with ext host operations Use Bundler 2.0.x for the checker and releaser images 1392 operations Fix rustup for x86_64-pc-windows-msvc in CI 1414 operations Ensure that all files are checked by 1441 buffers Don’t ack with zero items 1465 buffers Re-enable buffering reclaim test 1474 operations Fix newline style operations Fix tests for NixOS 1522 operations Remove trailing spaces to fix check-fmt

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