Vector v0.8.0 release notes

Code name A Wholesome Platter Of Features

Upgrading Vector
When upgrading, we recommend stepping through minor versions as these can each contain breaking changes while Vector is pre-1.0. These breaking changes are noted in their respective upgrade guides.


Automatically merge partial Docker events

type: enhancement domain: sources source: docker
Improved Multiline Support In The File Source

type: enhancement domain: sources source: file
Improved Syslog Parsing

type: new feature domain: sources source: syslog
Lots of New Sinks!

type: new feature domain: sinks
New Rename Fields Transform

type: new feature domain: transforms transform: rename_fields
New Swimlanes Transform

type: new feature domain: transforms transform: swimlanes
The Add Fields Transform Supports Templating

type: enhancement domain: transforms transform: add_fields


24 enhancements

aws_cloudwatch_logs sink Enable more logging by default 1564 coercer transform Add new drop_unspecified option to drop unspecified fields 1636 cli Colourize help 1660 aws_s3 sink Add several S3 object-level options (grant_full_control, server_side_encryption, and more) 1689 docker source Add auto_partial_merge to automatically merge partial events 1504 observability Warn log for non retryable requests 1706 observability Add proper non retry messages 1712 config Clarify topology warnings 1726 topology Improve cyclic deps error message 1728 aws provider Add support for assume_role to all AWS sinks 1722 syslog source Improve best effort support for Syslog formats (5424, 3164, nginx style, etc) 1757 cli Improve vector generate syntax and formatting 1773 cli Test sub command improvements 1739 kafka source Support advanced librdkafka options 1830 kafka sink Support advanced librdkafka options 1829 add_fields transform Support templating for dynamic values 1799 log data model Support Array and Map kinds in Value 1836 config Allow multiple unit test inputs 1824 config Add no_outputs_from field to unit tests 1817 file source Better multi-line support 1852 kafka source Add support for TLS 1893 log data model Support null values in log events 1898 clickhouse sink Add timestamp_format field 1634 observability Enable rdkafka by default 1918

14 new features

new sink Initial gcp_stackdriver_logging sink implementation 1555 socket sink Add unix domain socket support to the socket sink 1561 new transform New merge transform 1504 new sink Initial logdna sink implementation 1668 cli Support multiple configuration files. 1725 new sink Initial humio_logs sink implementation 1716 config Option to reload config on file change 1330 config Global default log schemas 1769 new sink Initial loki sink 1783 kubernetes source Add more include_container_names, include_pod_uids, and include_namespaces filters 1501 new sink Initial influxdb_metrics sink implementation 1759 new sink Initial gcp_cloud_storage sink implementation 1794 new transform Initial rename_fields transform implementation 1800 new transform Add swimlanes transform 1785

11 bug fixes

aws_s3 sink Fix a bug with retry_limit is set to 1 1569 socket sink Allow for non-IP address host names 1575 aws_kinesis_firehose sink Use describe_delivery_stream AWS API method for healthcheck 1573 rpm platform Create vector user when installing RPM package 1583 docker source Always check containers for self 1525 journald source Fix the journalctl start date to work across all timezones 1627 rpm platform Fix group creation in the RPM package 1654 sematext sink Fix EU endpoint and docs 1657 json_parser transform only drop source field if JSON parse succeeds 1863 lua transform Respect Lua types when converting back to events (#857) 1886 kubernetes source Use checksum fingerprinting 1912

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